Getting back into the habit

Since the end of the 2016 hunting season I have been making an effort to shoot more regularly. Fortunately there is a winter high-power league, and a regular small bore practice events happening on alternate weekends, so I have been taking advantage. When I first moved to the USA I bought a “brick” of 500 rounds of .22LR match ammunition, and to my shame it took me until the end of last year to use up. When I was regularly shooting in Scotland I would probably go through at least that much in a couple of months, so I have some catching up to do. Last year however I bought two new bricks of SK match, and with all the shooting I have been doing I have already got though one: things are looking up. My scores have also been improving, and although I am shooting on the NRA 50m target, not the international (which is somewhat more challenging), I have been pleased with my groups and scores.

Here are a few examples of recent targets. They are not my best targets, but they are representative.

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On the high-power side of things, I have also seen some improvements. My offhand (standing) scores have steadily improved, and the last few weekends I have managed to get all my 10 shots onto the scoring area (5 ring or better), and occasionally even into the 10. My best score was an 88/100 a few weeks ago.

My sitting rapid is going well, mostly because I can now get into position without feeling like I will break, and this last weekend I shot a decent group. It would also have been a decent score if it was centered on the bull. It wasn’t though, but I take what victories I can.

Prone rapid is going okay, and although I haven’t managed to recreate my early successes (several 100/100) I came pretty close this weekend with a 99/100. Here is a picture of the group.


There were actually 12 shots recorded rather than 10, since I forgot to switch the system into match mode after my two sighters. The high 9 was one of the sighters (honest).

In an effort to get better at offhand, easily my worst position, I have built a small 10 meter air rifle range in my basement. In truth is it probably only 9 meters, because that’s the furthest I can go between the foundations, but for practicing my technique it works great. I am borrowing a junior CO2 powered air rifle for that, and I built a target box with a steel back plate to keep the ricochets down.

Here’s me in action:


The air rifle weighs considerably less than my high-power rifle, which I will try to correct at some point, but I hope the practice will be worthwhile anyway. The state championship is happening at the end of the month, and since I plan to enter the 3P event I will try to spend as much time in the basement as I can before then.



300 meter match

Today I competed in the 300 meter Robert Sandager Minnesota State Championship, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t win.

I was put in the first relay, due to start at 9am, and I was there on time, but to achieve that I had to leave the house at 7:30am, and get up at 6:30, on a Saturday. That is all beside the point though.

I have been having some problems with my rifle not ejecting cases all the way. I had trimmed my ejector spring to limit how far away my cases were thrown, but I cut off too much and sometimes it failed to eject. So I replaced that spring with another which I trimmed a little less in the hope that I would get the balance right, but it doesn’t look like I did. I even cleaned out the gas tube (which bleeds gas from the barrel to cycle the action) in the mistaken hope that it was getting clogged and that was why I was having trouble, but no. Today I had a number of cases fail to leave the rifle, which I then had to fiddle out, interrupting to my string. I think I will now get a new spring, not trim it, install it in my rifle, and accept that my cases will sometimes be found in orbit. But at least they won’t be jamming my rifle.

The weather today was cool but bright, and the winds appeared light. I think the winds were pretty light, but they were also completely baffling. The flags seemed to be indicating a light wind from about 6 o’clock, drifting a little right and left, but my rifle needed 1.25 minutes of left windage to center my group. Of course that could just be a zero issue. The guy next to me was getting the occasional 7 too though, and he was using a bleiker rifle in a 6mm caliber, so maybe I wasn’t imagining it completely.

Enough excuses and complaining though, on to my scores. There were three strings of 20 rounds with unlimited sighters and I got a 184-0, 185-3, and 188-4, for a total score of 557-7. The third string felt better than the score reflects, so I think I was finally settling in, but I’m still unhappy with my performance.

My wind reading skills still need to improve, and that’s only going to happen if I shoot more. So that is the plan.


Hi-power update

I have been participating in a “winter league” since the end of last year, but despite the name it is not a competition. I have attended most of the dates and I feel like I am making steady progress. Because of the typical Minnesota temperatures at this time of year we shoot at electronic targets from the heated 300m shooting house.

I have mostly been practicing 3 position (it’s not called that, but I forget its actual name), which involves shooting offhand (standing slow fire), sitting (crossed legs, rapid fire), and prone (both rapid and slow fire).

The standing is pretty new to me, but I think I am getting the hang of it slowly. This last weekend more of my shots were inside the 8 ring than outside, and only one missed the scoring area entirely. I even hit the 10 ring a couple of times.

Sitting is in some ways more of a struggle for me. The position is basically sitting with crossed legs and elbows on the knees. In order to get the right support I have to tuck my feet right back under my thighs which puts a lot of pressure on my ankles. I then need to hunch down over the rifle in order to be able to see through the sights. I can’t wear my shooting glasses in this position as there isn’t room for them between my face and the rear sight. In that position I have to shoot ten rounds with one magazine change within the specified time limit, which I can’t remember right now but is something like 60 or 70 seconds.

I am not very flexible and find it hard to curl up into the required position. On the days where I find the position and can hold it long enough to shoot the string, I usually hit toward the center of the target, although more often than not my shots drop down to 4 o’clock. It may have something to do with the cant I sometimes get on the rifle, but I’m not really sure. This weekend I shot one string that hit at 4 o’clock. I decided to shoot a second string and my shots were mostly in the ten ring until I had a malfunction which I couldn’t clear before the time ran out. I trimmed down my rifle’s ejector spring a while ago to keep my spent brass from leaving the state, but I trimmed it too much and occasionally a case doesn’t eject all the way and masses things up. I have a replacement spring to put in, but I keep forgetting to sit down and do it.

Prone is understandably my best position, and I usually do well. This weekend I had my best scores for a while with a 98-4x in the rapid and 198-9x in the slow fire. Pictures below. I forgot to print more scorecards, so the slow fire detail is recorded on a rapid fire card.


Prone rapid fire-January 30th 2016


Prone slow fire-January 30th 2016

I was quite pleased with the slow fire detail as I was using a relatively new load (24.5gr AA2520 with a Nosler 80gr HPBT). I had tried it with 24.3gr of powder, but had inconsistent results so I bumped it up a touch and it looks like it worked.

My goals for the future are to improve my offhand and sitting by practicing the positions at home in order to develop my muscle memory. I also just need to shoot more. I could also use to lose a little weight (or move it elsewhere on my body), because my jacket is getting a little tight around the middle and I don’t even want to thin about replacing that. Replacing a few beers every month with G&Ts would probably make all the difference.

My latest 3D printed butt stock is working out well with just a couple of small changes that need to be made. More details of that will come in a separate post. I have also designed and made a 3D printed hand stop with the hope of replacing the one I was using, which is on loan from a friend. I used it this weekend without issue, so things are looking good on that front.

More to come…

Rapid Fire Success

Last summer and a bit into Autumn I was attending NRA High Power practice shoots at MRC. If you recall on my first attempt at shooting rapid fire (10 shots in 70 seconds at 300yds prone) I got all my shots into the 10 ring. The second string was not quite so good. During one of the last practices I managed to do it again, but this time in both strings.

Second rapid fire string - Autumn 2014 practice

Second rapid fire string – Autumn 2014 practice – 300yd prone.

This picture is of my second string. Needless to say I was pretty pleased.

Now if I can just get the hang of the 200yd sitting and standing shooting I might be able to get somewhere in this discipline.

Shooting report 1st July 2014


Today I went to the range. I was there primarily to help repair the electronic targets, but also to take part in the High Power practice that happens weekly during the summer.


Selfie on the 300 yd firing point

Selfie on the 300 yd firing point


Since we finished the target repairs early I decided to have some pre-practice practice at 300m on the electronic targets, and I am glad I did because I was having difficulty getting consistent groups. I eventually tracked it down to a loose rear sight that was moving about, and once I had tightened that up things got much better.


View down range from 300yd firing point

View down range from 300yd firing point


At 5:30 I packed up on the 300m house and moved my kit the short distance forward to 300 yards. Shooting was starting on the 200yd point which is out of sight from where I was and so I was able to shoot at the same time from 300yds. I was being coached for my first attempt at a rapid fire detail which involves shooting 10 rounds in 70 seconds with one magazine change.

My first couple of attempts didn’t go well because I couldn’t get my rifle to fire the second shot. The problem was fixed by removing some extra weights that were added to the bolt to ease the recoil, but with the light loads I was shooting meant the buffer spring was unable to cycle the bolt with enough force and it wasn’t chambering the second round cleanly. With the weights removed the action cycled perfectly and I succeeded in completing my first rapid fire shoot…with a perfect score of 100 with one X.

The photo below was taken through the scope and shows my second rapid fire target which was a still commendable 98. My  third attempt was a 97 and that seemed like a good time to stop and shift to slow fire.

You can see the golf tees in my shot holes with the scoreboard showing the score distribution.


2nd rapid fire target

2nd rapid fire target


For the slow fire I shot with another person taking turns. The slow fire target is slightly smaller but I still shot a very satisfying sequence of Xs and 10s with a couple of errant 9s to get a 198/200.

Next week I have been invited to shoot at 600yds on another range.

Shooting Report

My second shoot with the space gun went well.

Late afternoon on Friday I went to the range, the traffic was pretty bad so I arrived late but that didn’t matter. The first period was spent setting up the new foresight post, which required a period of nudging the post back and forth and test shots, but fairly soon I had it pretty close and could carry on with practice.

Initially I was shooting ammunition I was given to me. It was loaded with 77gr Sierras seated to a depth that would allow being loaded into a magazine. I was also given some ammunition loaded with 80gr bullets seated to approximately 30 thou off the lands.

Once I had settled in things went well. I had a sequence of 10-12 shots that didn’t leave the X ring before I made an error and pulled a shot left into the nine. The bad shots (excluding that one) were 9s but only just out of the 10 ring. My best shots were grouped under a minute.

All this served to prove that this rifle is capable of great accuracy, which is good. It also reminded me of how much I enjoy this sport. It has been a while since I had that moment of confidence and focus when I knew the shots were good and where they were going. On Friday I had it and it felt great. I look forward to many more.

An average of my scores came out at 97.3% which would qualify me as High Master in the NRA High Power classification system (assuming I could repeat the performance over three qualifying matches).

I will be going out again this week so I hope to repeat the result.



Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end…..

…. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.

First shoot with my new spacegun

First shoot with my new spacegun.

This is a picture of me having just finished my first shoot with my new rifle. Pretty isn’t it!

I have never had a brand new rifle before and so this is the first time I have had to shoot in a barrel, and although I was told that the accuracy doesn’t really peak until a couple of hundred rounds have gone down the barrel, it was doing pretty well with with only a few dozen. My best score was 194/200 which must come close to or beat my best score to date at 300m. You can see the target on the wall behind me in the picture to get an idea what I was shooting at.

As I reported previously, my rifle was not complete as ordered. George (my mentor in this new escapade) has loaned me the parts I needed to get it running, which was most of them it seemed. The lower receiver, stock, and both front and rear sights. I have some of the parts I need, but will wait until I have tried things out before I make decisions on parts like the trigger and stock.

Now is the time to get practicing. Put some rounds down and get to know the rifle so that I can put in a good showing when the winter league kicks in.