Cold turkey, warm deer?

Fall turkey season ended like it began, with no turkeys. I only spent a few hours in the woods on my last day, but I heard and saw nothing that could even be mistaken for potential sandwich filling-but that’s okay. Fall turkeys were always going to be a challenge.

I ended my turkey efforts a week before the season was done, because I was going on holiday to visit family, and attend a friends wedding. Unfortunately my friend had chosen the 5th November as his wedding day, which is not only Guy Fawkes night, but also Minnesota deer season opening day. Which means instead of being in a tree stand looking for deer, I was in an English country hotel looking for beer…that was last weekend. 

This weekend finds me back in Minnesota, and back at my friend’s uncle’s cabin, laying in a sleeping bag ready to go to sleep ahead of my personal opening day. I am hoping that the remnants of jet lag from my return trip from the UK will help me get up tomorrow morning at 5:30, like it has every other day this week. 

Unlike previous years there has been a lot of deer activity already, and several have been shot, so I’m feeling quietly confident. I am going to use my Marlin 336 lever action in .35 Remington, because it feels right. 

Now I must go to sleep, because in just under 7 hours I will be hunting. 

Wish me luck.


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