Turkey hunting: day one

Greetings from my turkey blind. Today is my first time ever turkey hunting, and I don’t expect to get anything. I’d say I don’t expect to see anything either, but I already saw one. It was flying into a tree as I drove here. Looked tasty too.

I arrived around 2pm, the landowner gave me a quick tour. Then I set up a couple of blinds and my decoys, and now I’m waiting. 

When I first day down I was wearing some new earplugs that I had hoped would be good for hunting, and fit under my various headgear. They are supposed to let normal sounds through, but block loud noises. Unfortunately they cut out too much of the normal noise, and so I took them out. I’m keen on having some kind of hearing protection, and I have used my electronic ear defenders in the past, but they limit the headgear I can use, and the pressure they put on my head usually gives me a headache after a couple of hours. So I’ve been experimenting.
Here is a partial view from my blind:

You can just see my decoys.

Hunting turkeys in autumn is not the easiest task, since the birds are not mating and thus don’t really respond to calling. However, unlike shooting, both males and females are legal to shoot, so I can happily shoot the first thing that gets within range.

I can’t shoot this beastie though. If it were November and I had the right gun, it would be a different story. Good to know my camouflage is working.

Fun times in the woods. I’d better start paying attention if I want to have a hope of seeing something legal.

Bye for now.


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