Getting closer to invisible (for turkeys anyway)

With turkey hunting in mind, I’ve had a box of camouflage vinyl transfers sitting on my reloading desk for several weeks: they were starting to look at me accusingly. And although they were doing a very effective job of disguising the inside of the box from lost (and presumably very small) turkeys, I finally procrastinated from the paying work long enough to apply them to my shotgun.

The weatherby PA-08 that has been collecting dust in my cabinet for several years, came to me with shiny blued metal and shiny polished wood. All together it is a very attractive gun, in a traditional sense. However although dark metal and wood are not inherently bad from a camouflage point of view, the prevalence of “shiny” is. In its natural state it looks like this:


To learn more about this gun go here

Dragging a gun around the woods, and through the undergrowth, can have deleterious effects on pretty guns, and since I wanted to have both a less shiny gun, and also a better protected one, vinyl transfers fit the bill nicely.

I picked up a set made by Mossy Oak (product page here), and after watching the informative video they provide, I felt confident enough to have a go at it myself.

The process was straight forward, if a little finicky, but the final outcome was well worth the effort and almost looks professional… if you don’t look too closely.

There are a few spots on bulges where I had trouble removing all the creases, and I managed to scratch the blueing in a few places while trimming off the excess material. Given a second go it would probably turn out much better (such is life), but the imperfections are small and will have no effect on the ultimate purpose of the product.

Here is the gun in its new clothes:

Vinyl covered Weatherby PA-08

Vinyl covered Weatherby PA-08.

I’m pretty proud of my efforts, and can now get down to the business of patterning it ready for the distant season.

Lots to do, so much time to do it.


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