Turkey for dinner…sometime next year… hopefully

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my wife a favour by driving her out of the city in my truck to pick up some stuff for her work. The place we arrived at was some way down a dirt track in a large area of woodland, and I couldn’t help but notice a few tree stands as we passed by.

After the truck was loaded up, we stopped for a while to chat with the guy who lived there. Inevitably the conversation came around to the area, and hunting, and Amanda mentioned to him that I was a keen hunter,  whereupon he immediately offered to let me hunt turkey on his property next spring. Of course I jumped at the chance and immediately accepted the offer, show me a hunter who wouldn’t?

Ever since then I have been eagerly planning and plotting. I have bought some camouflage vinyl transfers to cover my weatherby shotgun, and when that is applied it will be ready for patterning.

When I first picked up that shotgun, a weatherby PA08, I installed sling swivels and bought a turkey choke for it in the hope that I would someday get to take it out in search of gobblers. That day will finally arrive next spring, and I can hardly wait.


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