Turkey for dinner…sometime next year… hopefully

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my wife a favour by driving her out of the city in my truck to pick up some stuff for her work. The place we arrived at was some way down a dirt track in a large area of woodland, and I couldn’t help but notice a few tree stands as we passed by.

After the truck was loaded up, we stopped for a while to chat with the guy who lived there. Inevitably the conversation came around to the area, and hunting, and Amanda mentioned to him that I was a keen hunter, ¬†whereupon he immediately offered to let me hunt turkey on his property next spring. Of course I jumped at the chance and immediately accepted the offer, show me a hunter who wouldn’t?

Ever since then I have been eagerly planning and plotting. I have bought some camouflage vinyl transfers to cover my weatherby shotgun, and when that is applied it will be ready for patterning.

When I first picked up that shotgun, a weatherby PA08, I installed sling swivels and bought a turkey choke for it in the hope that I would someday get to take it out in search of gobblers. That day will finally arrive next spring, and I can hardly wait.


Five minutes of fame …

Sorry for the long break, I’ve been busy again. This week I have three different jobs keeping me from my free time, so I’ll keep this short. But I promise to post more often in future.

A little while ago I was reading a shooting magazine online, when I stumbled upon a series of articles called “Gunfight Friday”. Every week the article features two comparable firearms belonging to readers of the magazine, along with a short statement by the owner about the rifle. Readers are then invited to vote and and express their opinions in the comments.

There was also an invitation to readers to submit pictures of their guns that could be used in future articles, and so I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

I submitted a picture of my .308 hunting rifle with the laser cut checkering, and a few weeks later it was featured. Click here to see the article.

Unfortunately, most people seemed to prefer the other rifle, which I thought was a bit garish if I’m honest, but it certainly exhibited great talent on the part of the owner who carved it.

However, it was fun to see one of my favorite guns on display, and despite “losing” the vote, there were many positive comments that I enjoyed reading.

I may submit again in the future.