3D printed butt stock update

I have now had the opportunity to shoot my rifle with the Mk3 butt stock installed.

Last week I participated in a practice shoot at 300yds. The first detail was a rapid fire practice, and so with the Mk3 installed on my new lower receiver I got myself set up and started firing. The 2 sighter shots went okay, nothing broke and I hit the target. Then it was time to shoot the rapid fire string. The target came up and I fired my first two shots, then forgetting I had to change magazines I pulled the trigger again which only served to remind me that I needed to change the magazine. So I did that, released the action to chamber a round, and sighted on the target, but when I pulled the trigger nothing happened. No click, no first stage pressure. I cycled the action ejecting the unfired round and tried again, but nothing continued to happen, except that I cut my hand on a sharp edge on the butt stock while I repeatedly cycled the action (something to remember for Mk4).

When the detail was done I swapped my lower with the Mk3 installed for the one lent to me by George and shot the detail again, I scored 198/200. I shot the rest of the practice with the borrowed lower.

There was some discussion with George and the other shooters about my issues and the consensus was that it was an issue with my new trigger. I had been so focussed on trying out my butt stock that I forgot this was the first time I was using my new lower with it’s brand new trigger that I installed myself. On the plus side my stock didn’t break.

This afternoon I went to another practice session. It was raining so only myself and George turned up to shoot, and in the end George decided not to. I suggested that we use the 300m electronic targets so that no one would have to be out in the rain marking targets, and I decided to practice shooting from a sitting position.

This time I shot 70 rounds from the sitting position and the butt stock still didn’t break. I have been having trouble with the sitting position and I was hoping to get to grips with it. I think I made good progress.

I was still having trouble with the trigger; light strikes and the trigger not resetting after a shot, issues that I think I have probably sorted now. But the stock survived the shooting and several adjustments. I learned that despite the grid texture in the butt plate it is still quite slippery and a smooth plate covered in rubber would work better. The butt plate adjustment is slow and clumsy; I tried to do it while in position and found it very difficult.

Despite my concerns that the clamp would slide around the buffer tube, it actually proved very stable. Unfortunately the buffer tube is not tight in the lower and the whole set up moves just enough to be a concern. I intend to design the Mk4 to attach to a carbine buffer tube which has a much more secure attachment to the lower, I just need to figure out how to attach the butt stock to it.

Watch this space.