Christmas Presents (belated)

Since Amanda and I were in the UK for Christmas, last week we had

Christmas 2: Return of the In-laws

I am happy to report that one of my gifts was a new powder measure. It comes just in time to help me with my efforts to load 200 rounds of .223.

RCBS Competition powder measure

RCBS Competition powder measure

This is a picture of it shortly after I first installed it.

I have since made a few adjustments. I twisted it about 45 degrees so that the handle moves in line with my arm, and I replaced the spring clamp with a g-clamp to make it more secure.

I think it still needs to break in a little more (movement is a bit rough), but it is already a great improvement on my old Lee model. The scale is easier to read and most of the time it throws within a half grain of my target weight or closer. I still need a little more practice to get my method smoother, but I am only halfway to my 200 round goal so I will be getting some.



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