Happy New Year, and other updates.

Hi, Happy New Year!

I am sitting in my studio at the University of Minnesota contemplating the final semester of my Master of Fine Arts degree and realised that I am going to be pretty busy for the next few months and it will be pretty hard adding new posts. However I don’t like to get behind on these things. I like writing these posts, it is a bit of a diary for me and the longer I leave it the more my flimsy memory will hamper, so I am determined to write something even if it is short and could use more editing.

I was at home over Christmas and managed to visit with some old friend, including some of my pals from Bearsden rifle club. It was great to catch up even if it was so brief. Amanda and I got back to Minneapolis on December 31st but fell asleep at 9:30pm and missed the celebrations. I was home for two nights then flew off to Indianapolis to attend the opening of an exhibition I am in. I had a fun time, but was still suffering from jet lag and so was pleased to get home again.

There has been a winter league running every two weeks at the Minneapolis Rifle Club that I have wanted to attend, but I have been so busy that I haven’t as much as touched a gun since October. However in the last few days my shooting brain has woken and I have started to make plans to attend a shoot, but not the next one, maybe the one after, or the one after that….

Anyway, my plans involve loading 200rds of match .223 with 80gr bullets. I have a bunch loaded with 77gr but they are loaded to an OAL (overall length) that allows feeding from a magasine, and so there is quite a jump. The 80 gr bullets are much longer than the 77gr (despite the small weight increase) and have a better ballistic coefficient. They will be seated about 20 thou off the rifling which will make them too long to load into a magasine, but they are better for slow fire competition. I have primed the cases and am getting things set up when I have time. I hope to have the loading done over the next couple of weeks. Loading isn’t shooting, but it is a part of the whole experience for me and so I don’t feel quite so deprived if I am at least doing that.

I will follow up soon with updates on other stuff.

Thanks for reading.


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