Shooting Video: Rapid Fire

I had another opportunity to shoot some Rapid Fire strings at a High Power practice at Minneapolis Rifle Club.

We were shooting at 300 yards again from prone. I didn’t get a 100/100 this time, but I did manage to video my two strings, which you can see below.

I am quite new to this so I am a bit fumbling, and you might notice in one of the videos that I am looking the wrong way when the target came up and was a bit surprised by it, but I will get the hang of it soon I think.

In the first video my last round jams and I don’t get it resolved in time to fire it, so my score was 88/100 (1-X, 6-10s, 2-9s). My second string was better in that I got all the shots off, I got a 97/100 (3-Xs, 4-10s, 3-9s).


2 comments on “Shooting Video: Rapid Fire

  1. Niall Macdonald says:

    Good but why do you need 2 mags? Just shot a PB at 50m – 586 – came 4th. Story of this year – that’s the third 4th! 1st and 3rd were members of the British team so I don’t feel so bad about it.

    • A says:

      Well done on the pb, no shame losing to members of the British team.

      The mag change is compulsory. I think it dates back to when the gun used was the M1 Garand, it could only hold 8 rounds and so a reload was unavoidable. Perhaps when newer service rifles came along they specified a mag change to keep things equal.

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