Shooting results: 300 yard slow fire.

At a recent high power practice with my AR rifle, in addition to two rapid fire strings (described previously), I fired 20 rounds slow fire.

It was a pretty good session and I thought it was worth sharing.

*I’m not sure what happened to shot 8*

300 yards - 22nd July 2014

300 yards – 22nd July 2014


Shooting Video: Rapid Fire

I had another opportunity to shoot some Rapid Fire strings at a High Power practice at Minneapolis Rifle Club.

We were shooting at 300 yards again from prone. I didn’t get a 100/100 this time, but I did manage to video my two strings, which you can see below.

I am quite new to this so I am a bit fumbling, and you might notice in one of the videos that I am looking the wrong way when the target came up and was a bit surprised by it, but I will get the hang of it soon I think.

In the first video my last round jams and I don’t get it resolved in time to fire it, so my score was 88/100 (1-X, 6-10s, 2-9s). My second string was better in that I got all the shots off, I got a 97/100 (3-Xs, 4-10s, 3-9s).

600 Yards at Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club.

I have now had two opportunities to shoot my new rifle at 600 yards. My own club, Minneapolis Rifle Club, has a maximum range of 300 meters. However there is another club called Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club which has a 1000 yard range, and they hold practice sessions regularly during the summer months.

One of my fellow members at MRC, Philip, is a member at Gopher and offered to take me along.

The first time I went I was using ammunition loaded with 77gr bullets seated to a depth that allows loading from a magazine. The second time I went Philip brought me some ammunition loaded with 80gr bullets seated to a depth that should have put them about 15 thou off the lands (as best as could be judged without having the chance to actually measure my chamber). The 80gr bullets have a significant advantage over the 77s as they are much longer despite the small weight difference, and as a result perform better in the wind at longer range.

600 yards - 8th July 2014

600 yards – 8th July 2014

I also think this scorecard may not have been the correct one for the target I was shooting at.

The second time (below), I had some slight trouble finding the windage, which I have put down to a slightly bad windage zero. After that I was doing pretty well mostly in the ten ring, until towards the end when the sun came out and shone on the target, and I started throwing shots up to 11:30 & 1 o’clock ( I don’t know if the two are connected). Still, an improvement on my first time out.

600 yards - 28th July 2014

600 yards – 28th July 2014

This was one of those days when despite my left hand going numb from the sling tension, and being covered in sweat from the hot sun, I experienced that pure pleasure in shooting that reminded me why I do this.

A stock that is anything but stock…Additions

I recently wrote about using a laser cutter to etch my hunting rifle stock, you can see that post here.

At the time I did the etching I made some videos of the process but when I wrote that post I had not managed to upload them to the internet.

They are now online and here they are: