Fun shoot

I recently went out with a couple of friends for a fun shoot.

I took my Glock, my .308 hunting rifle, and my AR15 match rifle. One of the other guys brought his .30-06 hunting rifle, and the highlight of the day, his AK47.

Below is a video of my shooting it.



This video was made the second time I shot the AK47 that day. When I first fired it I experienced a “slam fire” where a second round fired as the bolt closed after cycling. This second shot followed very quickly after the first and midway through the recoil cycle, and as such was not very close to my original aim point.

Slam fire results

Slam fire results

We were shooting at 50 yards and I was aiming at the right hand paper plate (marked by the lower red arrow. The slam fire hit way above the plate at the position marked by the top red arrow. The target frame to the left of the plates is about four feet high so you can see how far off  it hit. An interesting experience.


2 comments on “Fun shoot

  1. Niall Macdonald says:

    You are drifting further and further towards the dark side!

    • A says:

      One has to know the dark side if one is to resist the dark side…

      Fear not, I have been doing some proper shooting since this slight distraction.

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