Shooting report 1st July 2014


Today I went to the range. I was there primarily to help repair the electronic targets, but also to take part in the High Power practice that happens weekly during the summer.


Selfie on the 300 yd firing point

Selfie on the 300 yd firing point


Since we finished the target repairs early I decided to have some pre-practice practice at 300m on the electronic targets, and I am glad I did because I was having difficulty getting consistent groups. I eventually tracked it down to a loose rear sight that was moving about, and once I had tightened that up things got much better.


View down range from 300yd firing point

View down range from 300yd firing point


At 5:30 I packed up on the 300m house and moved my kit the short distance forward to 300 yards. Shooting was starting on the 200yd point which is out of sight from where I was and so I was able to shoot at the same time from 300yds. I was being coached for my first attempt at a rapid fire detail which involves shooting 10 rounds in 70 seconds with one magazine change.

My first couple of attempts didn’t go well because I couldn’t get my rifle to fire the second shot. The problem was fixed by removing some extra weights that were added to the bolt to ease the recoil, but with the light loads I was shooting meant the buffer spring was unable to cycle the bolt with enough force and it wasn’t chambering the second round cleanly. With the weights removed the action cycled perfectly and I succeeded in completing my first rapid fire shoot…with a perfect score of 100 with one X.

The photo below was taken through the scope and shows my second rapid fire target which was a still commendable 98. My  third attempt was a 97 and that seemed like a good time to stop and shift to slow fire.

You can see the golf tees in my shot holes with the scoreboard showing the score distribution.


2nd rapid fire target

2nd rapid fire target


For the slow fire I shot with another person taking turns. The slow fire target is slightly smaller but I still shot a very satisfying sequence of Xs and 10s with a couple of errant 9s to get a 198/200.

Next week I have been invited to shoot at 600yds on another range.


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