Shooting Report

My second shoot with the space gun went well.

Late afternoon on Friday I went to the range, the traffic was pretty bad so I arrived late but that didn’t matter. The first period was spent setting up the new foresight post, which required a period of nudging the post back and forth and test shots, but fairly soon I had it pretty close and could carry on with practice.

Initially I was shooting ammunition I was given to me. It was loaded with 77gr Sierras seated to a depth that would allow being loaded into a magazine. I was also given some ammunition loaded with 80gr bullets seated to approximately 30 thou off the lands.

Once I had settled in things went well. I had a sequence of 10-12 shots that didn’t leave the X ring before I made an error and pulled a shot left into the nine. The bad shots (excluding that one) were 9s but only just out of the 10 ring. My best shots were grouped under a minute.

All this served to prove that this rifle is capable of great accuracy, which is good. It also reminded me of how much I enjoy this sport. It has been a while since I had that moment of confidence and focus when I knew the shots were good and where they were going. On Friday I had it and it felt great. I look forward to many more.

An average of my scores came out at 97.3% which would qualify me as High Master in the NRA High Power classification system (assuming I could repeat the performance over three qualifying matches).

I will be going out again this week so I hope to repeat the result.




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