Everyone is doing it..

After finding out that I had ordered a new rifle, my friend Niall reported to me that he had invested in a new rifle also.

He has for a long time used a Carl Gustav that was originally built for biathlon (when biathlon was shot with a full-bore rifle), and which, though lovely, has a limited ability beyond 600yds. Below are photos of his new rifle.

It’s a Musgrave in .308Win with a Border 1:13 stainless barrel which is 300 rounds old. The sights are Fulton’s 18mm ladder foresight and an AJ Parker T.Z. rearsight.


Niall's new Musgrave

Niall’s new Musgrave


Niall's new Musgrave 2

Niall’s new Musgrave 2


Below is Niall’s account of his first long range shoot with the Musgrave.


"Interesting day. Good shooting conditions with an irritating variable 
wind from 1 o'clockish.

Got help from an F class shooter (big telescope on gun) to set zero at 
900yds. 9 shots later he hadn't seen the fall of shot once and I'd 
tried everything -, over the bullet catcher, into the mantlet, still no 
joy. Stopped and waited ages 'til Mike was free. Mike saw 
the first shot and brought the elevation up in stages to 50.5mins from 
34.5. Got on target and had 18 shots, a bit hurried, only 4 in the 
inner so fairly happy with that. Better than I could do with the Charlie G.

Back to 1000yds and the plot is attached. For the first time I had 
shot at that distance not too bad an effort. I got caught by a wind 
change on shot 6&7, fairly stupid shot on 16 cause unknown and 19 and 20 
were from a different batch of ammunition. (Learning point - always 
ensure one has more than enough rounds from the same batch). 
Elevation now at 55.5 and seems reasonably reliable.

Now need to think about the sights; also need to scribe a new line on 
the foresight as there is a mismatch from the fixed to variable sides.

Rifle performed well. A fairly tight chamber I think with one instance 
of a bit of effort needed to close the bolt. Will need to watch 
re-sizing of cases as there is not as much slack as with the Charlie 
G. Trigger is still a bit stiff after the light Timney in the CG."

Niall’s 1000yd scorecard

Thanks for the update, and congrats on the new rifle Niall.


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