A Rifle for 300m: Culmination

I have for a while been looking to acquire a new rifle for use at 300m, more specifically for the 300m international competition which requires 60 shots + sighters in 90 minutes; an “uncomfortable” task with a (my) .308. I have experimented with different loads for my .308 but if you have read some of my previous posts you will know how that went.

Originally I was looking for a new rifle in 6mmBR, a currently very popular cartridge for this competition. However it is not widely used and as such the costs associated with it are somewhat higher than more conventional cartridges.

In a previous post, Taking an AR15 match rifle for a spinI described how I had the opportunity to try a friends AR15 match rifle and how it was an unexpectedly pleasant experience. In fact it made such an impression on me that not very long after I published that post I went ahead and ordered one for myself.

Now, when I say I ordered one, I mean I ordered part of one. The part I ordered was the complete upper receiver, which consists of the barrel, gas parts, upper receiver frame, bolt, and charging handle. I ordered from White Oak Armaments who produce match grade products to order. Below is a photo from their website of the “upper” I ordered.

White Oak Armaments Match Upper

White Oak Armaments Match Upper

I ordered it in March and it has just arrived. I even ordered it in that colour.

The barrel is 26 inches, is chambered in .223 Wilde, and has a profile that allows a match sight to be attached at the front for a full length sight base.

Unfortunately since this is only a part of the rifle (a very important part ) I will need more bits to make it work as intended. The next major part to get is the lower receiver. This has been ordered and has arrived at a dealer, but since it is the part with the serial number on it I will have to go and fill in some federal paper work to get my hands on it. It should look like this:

Lower receiver (left)

Lower receiver (left)

Lower Receiver (right)

Lower Receiver (right)

*photos taken from www.joeboboutfitters.com*

(I find it funny that this piece of metal requires background checks and paperwork, while the barrel and the rest of it can be sent to me in the post)

I will be picking this part up soon. It won’t however be getting attached to the upper just yet, as it will have no trigger or any of the other important moving parts installed. I am being lent a lower complete with trigger etc, as well as a stock and a front sight. I have a spare rear sight that I hope to use, and the other parts I will pick up when I am ready.

As an added benefit of this caliber, when I hand load for it I can use the same Vihtavouri N-140 powder that I already use for .308 and have a supply of.

Exciting times.




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