Shoot a lot, learn a bit more…

In response to a previous post Shoot a lot, learn a little, I received an email from the Oracle (Charles Young) via Niall. The post was about an attempt by me to find a new load for .308 at 300m using a lighter powder charge.

His response went as follows:

“He enjoys his suffering!

“I am going to try 42.5gr VV N140 behind a 155gr SMK seated to 2.850 inches. There is a shoot this weekend (and I have been reading about the wind), so we shall see what we shall see.”

In my opinion . . . that isn’t nearly enough N-140 powder to get it to burn efficiently, and the outcome may be erratic groups.  N-140 works better the harder it goes. “

So perhaps my attempt to find a practical (read comfortable) .308 load for 300m International competition is unrealistic with N-140. And since I was going for an easy work around until I could get a new rifle in a more appropriate caliber, then I think this experiment will have to be written off.

And anyway, new developments soon to be revealed have rendered the purpose of this experiment defunct…



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