6mmBR for 300m

At the end of a previous post I mentioned my interest in getting a rifle in 6mmBR specifically for shooting at 300m.

With this in mind I have been having various discussions around the range about the options, and this had led to me being offered the chance to shoot other peoples rifles.

George (the club’s executive officer) recently let me use his fancy piece of kit, what is often referred to as a tube gun. The feature of this rifle is a machined tube that closely fits a specific action, allowing the shooter to buy an off the shelf action and slip it in. It also has a very adjustable stock and lots of accessories. See the manufacturers website here: http://www.gotxring.com/ .

Here are photos of the rifle I used.

Tube Gun in 6BR

Tube Gun in 6BR

Tube Gun in 6BR (Action Detail)

Tube Gun in 6BR (Action Detail)


6mmBR (left) vs 308Win

6mmBR (left) vs 308Win


The recoils was very light and although I was quite uncomfortable while shooting (I didn’t have time to get the rifle properly set up for me) I can see how it could be very accurate if you can get it adjusted properly.

I actually recorded the highest prone score of the day with this rifle (566/600), you can see the rest of the results here: http://edfpages.com/mgfc/results.php?match=11.

I would very happily pay the money for one of these if I had that kind of cash sitting around doing nothing, which I don’t.

I have been offered the chance to have a go with a Gruenig some time soon, which I am sure costs more than a tube gun. However the experience will be good to broaden my understanding of my needs/wants/etc. I will write more on this subject when that happens.



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