Clay pigeons and real pheasants.

Two weekends ago we were lucky enough to have Amanda’s sister and her partner stay with us for a few days. I always enjoy spending time with Michelle and Curt, plus Curt is always enthusiastic to do a bit of shooting. I took the opportunity and invited him to join me shooting clays.

Flashback – In January of this year, before Amanda and I started packing for our American adventure, Michelle and Curt made the trip across the pond and visited us in Glasgow. While they were with us we decided to give them a flying tour of the UK, destinations included the Falkirk Wheel, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, and Bank Farm to see my parents.

Amanda, Michelle, and Curt at Stonehenge.

Amanda, Michelle, and Curt at Stonehenge.

I had been intending for a while to have a go at some pheasants at Bank Farm, and with that in mind had bought and carried south some appropriate ammunition to use in my dad’s (now mine) shotgun.

Curt was eager to go and made no complaint when I suggested an early start, so early one morning we got up and wandered out into the cold fields. I have almost no experience going after pheasants, and so after an hour of wandering around the fields and a dozen rounds fired ineffectively at all sorts of winged beasts including wood pigeon, we had nothing but a ringing in our ears to show for our efforts so far.

I decide to hand the gun off to Curt and change tactics.

This time, instead of the quiet efforts we had made so far, I decided to make as much noise as possible. Curt wandered along one side of a thick hedgerow, I jumped around on the other side throwing sticks and stones around, and out pops a pheasant. Curt duly fires off a couple of shots and the deed was done. It transpires that Curt didn’t have that much experience with shotguns, but his two shots were 100% more effective than my previous twelve so I won’t say any more about that.

Curt with his pheasant. Jan 2012

Curt with his pheasant. Jan 2012

When we got back to Glasgow I extracted the meat and Curt worked his culinary magic and the result was delicious.

Back to the present time – So Curt and I went shooting Clays at the Metro Gun Club on the 28th October. Given the choice he chose to use my Beretta over & under, so I decided to get a bit more practice with my new Weatherby pump-action.

Things went much the same as the last time I went, but this time I figured out some things. We only had 25 clays each, and I discovered that although the clays come from eight directions, it turns out that it is not random. There is a board in front of each stand which tells you where the clays will come from. I could have used that information the last time.

Curt started out strong getting his first three in a row, it took me a little longer to get up to speed. We ended with Curt getting 8/25, and I got 14/25. On the last stand I got the first four without taking a second shot and I really felt like I was finding my groove. Curt had a good time and hopefully he will be able to join me again soon.

This weekend I hope to go again with some people from my course. It should be fun.

Scorecard 28th October

Scorecard 28th October


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