Lochboisedale 2012

One of the shooting events that I most looked forward to when I was in Scotland was the Lochboisdale, shot at Glen Tilt on the last weekend in September. It is usually contested between the West of Scotland Rifle Club, and the West Atholl Rifle Club. In the past Bearsden Rifle Club had attempted to field a team with varying outcomes, we mostly ended up being seconded to either of the two main teams to make up numbers.

This year my friend Niall attended and afterwards he wrote me to let me know how he got on.  I have included the whole of his email.

(To see the West Atoll Results page and a nice picture of the winning team, go here.)



You’ll like this one.

We shot this today at Glen Tilt. After a three line whip from West,
10 of us turned up for an 8 man team. West Atholl only had 4 but it
was agreed to “lend” them 3 so both sides could have 7 man teams with
the best 6 to count.

It was a good day, sunny periods, good light and a typical Tilt wind
fishtailing from behind. For me the morning practice was not very
good as I had not shot for some time and I could just not get
comfortable – so 64 with 2 V’s. All over the target and trouble
with the wind – no wind coach.

Lunch time and I’m one of the three “relegated” to the West Atholl
team as most of the others were around 70.

Come the afternoon competition shoot and one of the West Atholl chaps
comes to wind coach. He turns the terminal so that I can’t see it
and off we go. After the two sighters he makes a small correction
and off with the first to count. “Good” he says and so we continue
with only a few minor corrections. His only comments throughout the
shoot were “Good” or “Fine” until I fire the last round. Two
seconds later –
“YOU PILLOCK! YOU ABSOLUTE TIT!” It was a 4.8 and every other
round was a bull or a V so I just missed out a possible – 74 with 12 Vs.

However given the 4 good West Atholl marksmen plus Mike Barton (also
relegated) with a solid performance we managed to beat West of
Scotland and so I’ve now got a Lochboisdale medal.

The cherry on the cake was that I was best of the day beating John
Potter by one V bull.

It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Love to you both.



PS Liked the iambic pentameters.


Congratulations Niall, I wish I had been there to see it.


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