I can almost smell the gun-smoke (in iambic pentameter)

I am two weeks into my MFA (Master of Fine Arts), and I have been doing a fair amount of reading and writing. Some of that reading was about poetry and that inspired me to get a bit more creative with my writing.

What follows is my latest instalment…in iambic pentameter (with photos and links).

I knew to shoot I must a car to buy,
or truck with space for deer and four wheel drive?
The list of craig did know the place to go,
A man called Mitch, black truck, very gung ho!

Some cash exchanged, now ours to drive and thrash,
But tires it needs, ball joints and lights, much cash!
Car wash and clean, now looks a darn sight better,
and indicates and lights the plate of letter.

98 Dodge Dakota (aka The Art Dozer)

98 Dodge Dakota (aka The Art Dozer)

Then to the barber Friday I did go,
to trim my hair and find out what he knows.
A pump shotgun he had for sale unused,
for turkey, ducks, and clays it would turn to.


Today a trip was made to Mills Fleet Farm.
A store for horses, sheep and cows and barn.
For there they have a lot of guns to show,
and hides and clothes and lots of gun ammo.

Twelve bore, one ounce, six bucks for twenty five,
will help me get some clay dust in my eyes.
Perhaps next week I’ll get to break my fast,
Report, recoil, gunsmoke, some fun at last!


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