No shooting, just (web) surfing.

Things are much the same. I have still not done any shooting, although I am starting to perceive of a time in the near-ish future when I will. I have submitted my claim for the damaged items in my shipping, but have yet to hear anything about that, fingers remain crossed.

Although I am busy with the rapidly approaching start of my Masters degree I have begun thinking about replacing all the ammunition that I was forced to leave behind when I left Scotland. On the whole I think ammunition is cheaper here. The components for reloading certainly are cheaper, although not necessarily the brands I was using before, namely Lapua.

With cases it is possible to get some very cheap stuff, but I doubt it would all perform, and it is not immediately obvious what the direct alternatives to Lapua are at the match level of quality. So I cannot determine what the options are. That said the Lapua cases are only a bit more expensive than some of the stuff I am seeing (which may imply that those are the alternatives) and with the consideration of case volume variation between brands it may just pay to buy what I know.

Bullet heads are a little different. Here the Lapua Scenar I am used to is significantly more expensive than the obvious alternatives such as  Sierra Match King and Hornady A-Max that I know of. I know a bunch of people I shot with in Scotland used those bullet heads so I would be happy to try them out. When I am a bit closer to buying I will make enquiries of people who may be able to give me more advice.

The other issue is finding a source. In Scotland I used to buy from a couple of shooters who bought in bulk then sold on at very competitive rates compared to high street and on-line retailers. So far I have seen some good prices on-line (except for the hazardous materials handling surcharge for powder) but need to make enquiries to see where the people who know buy from.

On the subject of shotgun ammunition; in Scotland I was enjoying shooting clays with 21gram (3/4 ounce) 12 gauge loads. They were very nice to shoot with, and since I’m not in it for world records it is nice if I can avoid a broken shoulder. From the few places I have been to so far, the most common weight for clays seems to be 1-1/8 ounces or about 32 grams. 50 rounds of that would leave me without the use of my arm for a week, based on previous experience. I do have a recoil pad that I can add to my shotgun, but it changes the fit of the gun. I know 3/4 ounce loads do exist but I am yet to learn where it can be bought in this area.

I am confident I can get Lapua Center-X at a good price here so I am actually not worried about that.

If you read this and have any related suggestions feel free to comment. I would appreciate any pointers.


2 comments on “No shooting, just (web) surfing.

  1. Niall Macdonald says:

    Hi Will,

    Seems like you are having more trouble than we would have thought in sourcing ammunition and/or parts. I’ve passed on your blog address to Charles so you should see some advice fairly soon. Myself I would stick to the Lapua/Vitavouri combination but it depends on what else is around. Sierras and Hornady are supposed to be pretty good but Charles will tell you for sure.

    Shotgun shells (adopting your local patois) are something I know hee-haw about but a 52% increase in recoil sounds like bad news.

    The Club results should be coming your way shortly and you can see a real improvement in Andrew’s shooting. He went down to the Eley 3P finals at Bisley and came second. Funnily enough it was his prone shooting that let him down. Subsequently Len found that his iris was loose in the sight; moral – check your kit before shooting. We (Andrew, Simon, Wendy Thomas and me) went to Alloa on Sunday and I managed to out-shoot him. Personal best (584/600) at 50 m. Didn’t win but it would not have been last in the Olympics 50m, – ha ha! Richard Simpson is in awesome form – 595/600.

    All the best to you and Amanda.


    • A says:

      Hi Niall,

      Thanks for passing on the details to Charles, I would appreciate his wisdom on the subject of match heads.

      Like you I would prefer to stick to what I know but I feel that I shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. Congrats on your results at Alloa, just goes to show the size of the margins in this sport.
      I’m sorry to hear about Andrews kit malfunction, but he will never forget that lesson I bet. I’m glad Simon is getting into the outdoor stuff a bit more, I bet the atmosphere is a bit more pleasant there.

      Sorry about the lack of contact recently, this is my first week of school proper and I am not yet sure of my workload. As I get used to things I hope to be more active in communication.

      My regards to the fellows.


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