Crash testing a gun cabinet

The shipping has finally arrived, almost 15 weeks after it left, and it seems to have survived the journey largely intact.

It is still mostly in its boxes but even with only a couple of chairs and pictures unwrapped the place is already looking more like home.

Unfortunately one of the only things to get damaged was my gun cabinet, which was shipped with all of my firearms inside for security. In fact it looks more like it was involved in a crash test than just knocked. It must have been dropped from a height because the whole thing is twisted and I had to use a hammer and screwdriver to prise the door open.

Once I got it open however I discovered the contents were in better condition. The guns themselves are fine (they were well wrapped and padded), there is only damage to one scope and the butt-plate of my anschutz has taken a knock but is probably still mostly serviceable. The scope is a write off:

The scope from my hunting rifle is now U/S

I should have removed the scope from the rifle and folded the butt-plate down, but I was scared of losing the settings. That’s a lesson learnt. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed it will be covered by the insurance.

All in all though I am quite happy. The worrying and waiting is over and now I can start to make plans for my new American shooting adventures.


3 comments on “Crash testing a gun cabinet

  1. Niall Macdonald says:

    Glad to hear it all got there in good condition except the Gun Cabinet. Probably trying to get into the only locked thing in the container. Anyway I thought you just hung your rifles over the fireplace in the Land of the Free. Look forward to some good results. Bearsden in complete chaos but I don’t care.



  2. Charles says:

    What a shocking attitude ~ “But I don’t care”. No wonder the boy emigrated!

    Love to Amanda!


  3. […] in August I wrote about how the scope on my deer rifle was damaged in transit from the UK (see here for that story), the insurance bought me a new Redfield Revolution 3-9×40 that compared to […]

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