My kind of barber

Having come to the conclusion that I was getting a bit too fuzzy for civilised society on Tuesday, I decided to get my hair cut. Amanda had recommended an Aveda salon that is not far from our house, but for understandable reasons I didn’t feel completely comfortable with the idea of going there.

However the internet came to the rescue once again and out of several options I found the perfect place for me.

Pete’s Como Barber Shop is amazing! Pete is an avid hunter and a significant number of his trophies are displayed in the shop, including an Elk (the American Elk that looks like large Red Deer), a Whitetail, and any number of birds. He and his associate Craig are very friendly and made me feel at home straight away.

The conversation lasted much longer than the haircut. We chatted about the differences between hunting in the USA and Britain, the idiosyncrasies of Minnesota hunting rules, turkey hunting techniques and equipment, and the best way to cook venison. He also recommended a range where I can shoot clays and pattern my shotguns, and gave me a lead on a new shotgun that would fill a Midwest sized gap in my gun cabinet. I was very happy with the haircut as well.

I am glad to have made a contact who is willing to talk about shooting and cut my hair at the same time. I like to be efficient. I will also be less likely to leave it so long till my next trim, a new age of neatness may have just begun.