Breaking out of the beachhead.

I recently learned that the shipment that includes my guns has arrived in the USA. It is currently (as far as I know) waiting to be released by customs.

The timescales for delivery vary from as soon as a week to almost six weeks.

This could be one of the longest times I have gone without some serious shooting for over a decade. I have been restricted to plinking with a decrepit BB gun belonging to my father-in-law.

My father -in-law’s BB gun.

I tried to shoot a group this morning to try and improve the zero. I ‘achieved’ a 4 inch group (from around 10yds). The centre of the group was around 2 inches high and maybe 1 inch right of the point of aim. I am considering tailoring my ‘loads’ (read pumps) to see if I can achieve greater accuracy, but it may be a lost cause.

With any luck I will have a chance to shoot with some friend in the next few days.



Atypical Behavior

I went to this website the other day, , I went there because it is the website of a hunting magazine I was given by one of Amanda’s uncles.

I was randomly exploring and found a video that I found entertaining.

I empathize with the deer in this video, because much like that deer I also am displaying atypical behavior for my species.