The end of an era

Bearsden Rifle and Pistol Club Medal

Bearsden Rifle and Pistol Club Medal

Last night (Thursday 26th April) I paid my last visit to Bearsden Rifle club. I had originally intended to shoot my last couple of cards but the plan changed to having a drink with a few of the guys.

Last friday all our stuff was picked up to be shipped across the pond. Unfortunately for one reason (pirates apparently), and another (money/hassle), the ammunition I had spent two days loading up (almost 500 rounds of .308 plus additional heads and cases) could not go. So I unexpectedly had to find homes for a large quantity of ammunition in less than a week. Fortunately for me the guys at Bearsden rifle club came through for me and I managed to dispose of the whole lot legally and safely, and then went for a drink.

I would like to express my gratitude to a great group of people whose support and encouragement has enabled me to develop enormously as a shooter. As shooters we need good facilities and support in order to practice our sport and grow in it and in Bearsden I found an ideal environment.


Postscript: This photo was taken on my last night at the club, it shows Niall MacDonald (seated), Kenny MacIvor(L), Myself (centre), and Andrew Gutenmacher(R) in the clubroom.



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