A Wedding in Wisconsin: Part 2

It has been an occasional pleasure on our trips back to the USA to go shooting with some friends at their home, often referred to as the ‘compound’. On these trip I would be allowed to get my hands on all sorts of fun things that don’t get seen so much these days in the UK.

On one particularly special occasion in 2009, Amanda and I happened to be back in Wisconsin for the purpose of getting married and as a present to us (although I suspect I got the most enjoyment from it) we were invited to shoot and have our pick of the guns available.

A beautiful revolver in .45 long.

A beautiful revolver in .45 long.

I chose a selection including a shotgun for some clay pigeons, a .30-06 rifle for some hi-power shenanigans, and a couple of pistols including a particularly nice one I had been shown on a previous trip but never had the chance to shoot. This belonged to the grandfather Jim, and was a beautiful nickel plated revolver in .45 long.

When I originally saw this pistol it hadn’t yet been fired, and so a few years later I asked if I could shoot it assuming it would by now have been fired. This turned out not to be the case and so I was given the pleasure of putting the first shots through it.

The first time I came to shoot at the compound, I was shown the best use yet for McDonalds happy meal toys, which is as a target for firearms. They dance and jump very satisfyingly when shot, although they take far more abuse than I feel is strictly necessary as the pseudo henchmen of a global mega corporation.

Other fun games involve filling plastic bottles with coloured liquid for dramatic effects when shot. The best effect is achieved with a hi-power rifle, hence the .30-06. I once tried shooting one of the toys with a .30-06, but it was unfortunately a bit of a dissapointment, the rounds passing straight through without moving the toy at all. I had to put the gun down and have a close look to be sure I had actually hit it. This also happened the first time I tried to shoot the aforementioned bottle of coloured water, my shots were going slightly high and were passing through the bottle just above the level of the water. A small adjustment of aim achieved the desired results.

Other pistols I have had the pleasure to shoot on these trips include a .357 Magnum and a .44 Magnum which almost tipped me over backwards with the first shot. Below is a picture of yours truly hitting the mark, not always a sure thing.

Shooting bottles of water

My friend Ben had made the trip across the sea to attend the wedding so he had a go with the guns as well. Below is a couple of pictures of him in action.

Ben shooting clays

Ben shooting clays

I am looking forward to lots more fun shoots at the compound. Hopefully soon I will be the one supplying the guns.

Ben shooting a revolver

Ben shooting a revolver


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