How it started

I met my wife in 2003 when I was at university near Brighton in the south of England. She was on exchange. We had chatted a few times and then were set up on a sort of date by a friend of ours. It seemed to work and we started what we thought was a holiday romance. 

At the time I was shooting 25 yard small-bore prone at a club just down the coast called Alpha Rifle Club. I had been shooting the discipline for about nine years by this time, originally starting in the Air Cadets, then joining a small club in the town where I grew up, then moving to university and joining Alpha. During this time I had acquired a Firearm Certificate and then purchased a rifle. It was (and still is) an Anschutz 1907 in .22LR.

When my wife returned to her land across the sea a few months later we thought that was the end, but after several months of long telephone calls and sending mix tapes, followed by one short then one longer trips westward by me, she was accepted onto a Masters degree and we found ourselves sharing a tiny flat together in Glasgow.

Now almost a decade later we are married, and about to make the return journey and have a go at living in the USA.